About Us

We at CorporateCube aim to enhance and nurture start-ups and traditional businesses as a Brand, adding value to the industry with our design thinking & ideas
If you are looking for a professional outlook, whether it be a company event, planning a branding strategy or trying to make it to the top in the industry, CorporateCube has got you covered !
We believe in building trust and affinity with our clients to provide them with ethical assistance and goodwill in the industry in order to deliver a strong work ethic.




Kevin Furia

Founder of Corporate Cube

Kevin Furia is a graduate in management studies and entrepreneurship from Mumbai University.
He is passionate about brands & merchandise since childhood.
His vision is to create opportunities for start-ups and traditional businesses to unleash potential in the industry via building brands and collaborating . He believes in dedicated team work & design thinking to deliver innovative concepts .
Kevin is awarded as secretary of CIIE 19-20 (Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship)
Library Advisory Committee 19-20 at KES Shroff college with work experience in Public relations & management with internship programmes in retail sector and corporate’s .
Corporate Cube has transformed from organising college based corporate events to building brands and entrepreneurs.


‘’To create opportunities for start-ups and traditional businesses who wish to unleash their true potential in the industry ‘’

The Design Process

How It Works?


Client Brief

We propose a variety of comprehensible branding strategies and fresh ideas to assist you in accordance with your organization's prerequisites


The Rough Cut

Conducting a brainstorming session where we understand your vision and mission by throughly studying your business in order to present you with our business-oriented services, ideas and innovative concepts


Design Phase

Finalization on the selection of branding services where we showcase our project designs and delineate the whole idea in conformance to the philosophy of your organization


Quotation & fulfillment

Lastly, we ensure quality implementation by crafting the best services along with well-timed deliveries and exhaustive quote sheets

Our Work

We are a team of qualified Design thinker, coders, graphic designer & photographer showcasing our projects with utmost passion and detailing to build brands

Our services

- Enhancing experiences -

Branding & Design

From designing bespoke logos to launching your product.

We've got you covered!

Content Writing

From writing storytelling to market your brand.

We've got you covered!

Meeting Minutes

From brainstorming innovating insights to your brand ideation.

We've got you covered!

Corporate Events

From organizing your up-to-date corporate event to making it happen.

We've got you covered!

Public Relations

From delivering transparent communication to display your goodwill .

We've got you covered!

Brand shoot & Photography

From capturing your pictorial vision through our lenses to showcase your brand.

We've got you covered!

Website Designing

From designing your top notch web presence to create brand credibility .

We've got you covered!

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